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VRE Toolbar

Free Internet Explorer Toolbar  simplifies everyday tasks  of finding a profitable topic, researching keywords, setting up your website (domain name, hosting, design), finding content, driving traffic to your website and more...

VRE Toolbar Benefits

Ideas Research ideas for new niche empires

15 places to research your future website theme and niche neighbourhood. Ex.:, eBay or Google Sets.

Keywords Get keyword suggestions, related phrases

12 tools to brainstorm your keywords, from well-known Overture and NicheBOT to newer projects like MSN Search Forcast. Create lists of key phrases, research keyword monthly search volume, profitability and more...

Domains Search for domain name suggestions, register your new domain

10 resources to find the best available domain names. Ideas and suggestions from Domain Tools, domains for sale from Afternic, deleted domains from WhoisNet and more...

Hosting Choose a reliable and inexpensive hosting provider

19 direct links to hosting plans which have all the features needed to host your niche content website for affordable price.

Design Build your web empire -- fast!

5 software packages and web tools that make building a professionally looking website a snap, such as free web design templates and Website Toolbox Pro.

Content Articles, images, affiliate products and other content

58 websites to go for content. Search for related articles on Article Hub, images on 123RF, how-to information on eHow and more...

Promote your website

40 places to visit on a regular basis to promote your website and get inbound links, such as Top 50 Article Directories By Traffic, Pagerank, 4 blog search services, 10 free high pagerank directories and more...

And that's not all!

Install the VRE Toolbar now to take advantage of all the tools and places to accelerate building of your niche content empire!

It's free and takes seconds to install.
No registration required.

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Version: 1.45   Download Size: 821 kB
System requirements: Internet Explorer 5.01+
VRE Toolbar for Firefox Firefox version available

No Spyware

VRE Toolbar does not profile or target you. It does not track webpages you visit. It does not change your browser behaviour, browser homepage or search results. Privacy policy

One-click Uninstall

VRE Toolbar has Uninstall menu item so if you ever want to uninstall the toolbar then you can do so quickly and without fuss.

One-click Uninstall

Did You Know?

You can create and save gradient images in seconds with Gradient Image Generator included in Website Toolbox Pro software. » read more...

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